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Replace Intermot NHM series hydraulic motor

Replace Intermot NHM series hydraulic motor


NAM1 Series

Replace for

Intermot NHM Series hydraulic motor, Denison,Rexroth MCR, MR series


213-10019 ml/r


935—36667 N.m

NAM series bent axle connecting rod type motor has such characteristics as: high mechanical efficiency and good reliability, thus it can be widely applied in hydraulic and transmission systems of plastics machinery, light industrial machinery, heavy type metallurgical machinery, petroleum and coal mining machinery, lifting and transportation equipment, ship’s deck machinery, geological prospecting equipments, etc.


 As the product adopts eccentric crankshaft and five-piston structure with comparatively low   frequency, it has low noise characteristic;
It has big startup torque, perfect stability at low speed, so it can stably operate at very low speed.
The patented plane compensation port plate has perfect reliability and almost no leakage. The piston bushing is sealed by seal ring, so it has comparatively high volume efficiency.
The crankshaft and the connecting rod are supported by roller, so it has very high mechanical efficiency;
The rotational direction is reversible, the output shaft allows endure certain radial and axial force;
It has comparatively high power mass ratio.


 NHM1-63 NHM1-80 NHM1-100 NHM1-125 NHM1-160 NHM2-100 NHM2-150 NHM2-175 NHM2-200 NHM2-250 NHM2-280 NHM3-175 NHM3-200 NHM3-250 NHM3-300 NHM3-350 NHM3-400 NHM3-450 NHM3-500 NHM6-400 NHM6-450 NHM6-500 NHM6-600 NHM6-700 NHM6-750 NHM6-800 NHM6-850 NHM6-900 NHM11-700 NHM11-800 NHM11-900 NHM11-1000 NHM11-1100 NHM11-1200 NHM11-1300 NHM11-1400 NHM16-1400 NHM16-1600 NHM16-1800 NHM16-2000 NHM16-2400 NHM31-2500 NHM31-2800 NHM31-3000 NHM31-3150 NHM31-3500 NHM31-4000 NHM31-5000 NHM100-6300 NHM100-8000 NHM100-10000 NHM100-13000 NHM160-12500 NHM160-16000

  JMDG1-63 JMDG1-80 JMDG1-100 JMDG1-110 JMDG1-125 JMDG1-140 JMDG1-160 JMDG1-200 JMDG2-100 JMDG2-150
  JMDG2-175 JMDG2-200 JMDG2-250 JMDG2-280 JMDG3-175 JMDG3-200 JMDG3-250 JMDG3-300 JMDG3-350 JMDG3-400
  JMDG6-400 JMDG6-450 JMDG6-500 JMDG6-600 JMDG6-700 JMDG6-750 JMDG8-600 JMDG8-700 JMDG8-800 JMDG8-900
  JMDG8-1000 JMDG11-700 JMDG11-800 JMDG11-900 JMDG11-1000 JMDG11-1100 JMDG11-1200 JMDG11-1300 JMDG16-1400
  JMDG16-1600 JMDG16-1800 JMDG16-2000 JMDG31-2500 JMDG31-2800 JMDG31-3000 JMDG31-3150 JMDG31-3500
  JMDG31-4000 JMDG31-5000
   IHM1-63 IHM1-80 IHM1-100 IHM1-110 IHM1-125 IHM1-140 IHM1-160 IHM1-200 IHM2-100 IHM2-150 IHM2-175
  IHM2-200 IHM2-250 IHM2-280 IHM3-175 IHM3-200 IHM3-250 IHM3-300 IHM3-350 IHM3-400 IHM6-400 IHM6-450 IHM6-500
  IHM6-600 IHM6-700 IHM6-750 IHM8-600 IHM8-700 IHM8-800 IHM8-900 IHM8-1000 IHM11-700 IHM11-800 IHM11-900
  IHM11-1000 IHM11-1100 IHM11-1200 IHM11-1300 IHM16-1400 IHM16-1600 IHM16-1800 IHM16-2000 IHM31-2500 IHM31-2800
  IHM31-3000 IHM31-3150 IHM31-3500 IHM31-4000 IHM31-5000


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