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YD Series Pulling Hydraulic Winch

YD Series Pulling Hydraulic Winch

YD series winches features: small and light but with enormous pull force, as for YD series winches, Bonny designs evolve from field experience, and Bonny winches reducer gear making with heat treated alloy steel by special techniques’ process. They are wild strong. The winches is equipped a strong automatic load holding mechanical brake which called screw action cone brake or screw action mult-disc brake. So we recommended use YD winches to tow truck, it is strong enough for strength. and spooling off wire rope with load intermittently.
1. Free spooling clutch
2. SWR tensioner supplied
3. Steel winch bracket
4. Can not use it working as lift
5. Automatic screw cone braking action

Model Rated Line Pull Motor Displacement Oil Flow Pressure Gear Reduction Ratio Cable(Dia.ⅹL) Drum Size(Dia.ⅹL) Weight
  lbs ml/r l/min MPa  mm mm kg
HCX10000YD 10000lbs (4536kgs) 50 15-40 12.5 28:1 9.2mmⅹ26m 63mmⅹ223mm 43.7
HCP10000YD 10000lbs (4536kgs) 50 15-40 12.5 High speed 6:1 Low speed 28:1 9.2mmⅹ26m 63mmⅹ223mm 45
HCN10000YD 11000lbs (4990kgs) 50 15-40 14 33:1 10.2mmⅹ26.5mm 72mmⅹ222mm 53
HCN15000YD 15000lbs (6804kgs) 80 20-70 14 37:1 12mmⅹ26.5m 89mmⅹ222mm 60
HCX20000YD 20000lbs (9072kgs) 100 15-75 17.5 39:1 14mmⅹ48m 138mmⅹ316mm 108
HCP20000YD 20000lbs (9072kgs) 100 15-75 17.5 High speed 6:1 Low speed 39:1 14mmⅹ48m 138mmⅹ316mm 163
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Meanwhile, we can also design and manufacture hydraulic winches according to your requirements.

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